Kopi Luwak Mataram Coffee Shop

Hanging Out and Learning Civet Coffee Preparation at the same time

Spending time sitting for hours to enjoy a cup of coffee at the cafe is normal doing by visitors, especially in Yogyakarta. Almost at every corner of the city, you can find a lot of cafes lined up with a various coffee serving. However, it will be different when you visit in this coffee shop, Kopi Luwak Mataram Coffee Shop. You will not only find a favorable place to hang out with your friend enjoying its traditional nuances, but also do learning.

In this cafe, you are not only served by its famous Kopi luwak (civet coffee), a kind of coffee with its special smell well known into international worldwide, but you will also be invited to learn the process of making coffee from its whole coffee beans or coffee cherries into ground coffee or a cup of civet coffee, the world’s most expensive coffee.

Kopi Luwak (Civet Coffee) Preparation

Kopi Luwak preparation is actually not much different from other fresh ground coffee in general. The difference precisely lies on the process of choosing the coffee beans. Luwak coffee beans are the preferred coffee beans selected directly by the civet. Mammals belonging to civet and Viverridae have a very good sense of smell to identify which one has a very good beans or ripe beans.

Luwak, Indonesian name of civet, has a scientific name as Paradoxurus Hermaphroditus, grains lover, one of which is coffee beans. Many coffee farmers in Indonesia deliberately use Luwak animals to find the excellent coffee beans. Moreover, it is very beneficial to sell luwak coffee beans because it’s expensive price.

It is named as Kopi Luwak or civet coffee, because the coffee beans are chosen directly by the Luwak. This kind of animal uses its sense of smell to choose the preferred coffee beans. Then, it eats to chew its cherries. Because the civet cannot digest the beans, then the beans pooped out together with its feces. Because the beans cannot be digested, then the coffee beans still look intact. However, the coffee farmers began to collect the dirt, to clean them then process into kopi luwak.

All these processes you can see and learn in the Kopi Luwak Mataram owned by Merry Anggraeni and Edy Prabowo.

From Beans into a Very Delicate a Cup of Coffee

In this cafe, you can see directly the process of the coffee fermentation starting from Luwak choosing the coffee beans to eat. Furthermore, you are also allowed to participate in coffee preparation, including washing the coffee beans mixed with dirt feces, into the process of drying the coffee beans.

Next step is to roasting the coffee beans. According to Edi Prabowo, the owner of the Kopi Luwak Mataram Cafe Shop, he said that the roasting process is an important process to determine the quality of taste and smell of coffee. Moreover, the roasting process at the cafe Kopi Luwak Mataram deliberately uses traditional techniques.

According to Edi Prabowo, traditional roasting technique is much better to improve the taste and the smell of Kopi Luwak. It takes approximately 1.5 hours for the roasting process. This long process indeed is one and only way to get the best taste and smell of Civet Coffee.

It is a very valuable leisure time, spending for hours in this cafe. In addition you can enjoy the taste of original Kopi Luwak, on the other hand, you can also learn all about it. A coffee preparation of Civet Coffee, from the coffee cherries then chewed by Luwak into a roasting process for making a cup of the world’s most expensive coffee.

Choose your own Kopi Luwak Flavor

According to Merry, the owner’s wife of Kopi Luwak Mataram Cafe, she said that their cafe, customers are given a freedom to make their own coffee according to their respective tastes. Meanwhile, according to Edi Prabowo, he said that to enjoy a cup of delicate Kopi Luwak it is no need to add sugar to know the original taste and smell.

However, if you do not like a bitter coffee, you can add a little of sugar or brown sugar in your cup. In this cafe, customers are given a whole freedom to decide their own taste of coffee according to their tastes and favorite.

Kopi Luwak Mataram Coffee Shop has been established since 2012. Merry confirmed that the reason behind to establish this Kopi Luwak Mataram Coffee Shop is because they were inspired by the higher demand of Kopi Luwak in Indonesia. However, as time goes by, this cafe is highly visited by foreign tourists, such as, from Japan, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, China, America and so forth.

Location of Kopi Luwak Mataram Coffee Shop

Kopi Luwak Mataram Coffee Shop located in the area of Palemwulung Street, Kota Gede, Yogyakarta. If you are interested to visit this extraordinary coffee shop, you can directly contact us; we will serve our best service to bring you into Kopi Luwak Mataram Coffee Shop.

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