Yogyakarta Palace, a symbol of Javanese Glory and Cultural Heritage

Yogyakarta Palace or also well known as Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace is King’s residence with the consort and his family. It is also a tourist attraction for tourists to come. The palace is an imaginary axis located between Parangtritis beach, Tugu (Yogyakarta monument) and mountain of Merapi. The existence of this maintained and preserved palace until now is a symbol of the glory of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate. Moreover, this palace is a representation of preserved Javanese culture nowadays.

It makes sense then, all forms of Yogyakarta’s heritage are well known as a city of culture. In this city, you can see so many ancient Javanese cultures and traditions that are still preserved nicely until now. In addition, Yogyakarta also has kingdom a palace as the center of traditional cultural activity.
Visiting Yogyakarta Palace, beside you will be served by the architectural scenery of ancient Java, various cultural activities and traditions of Java; you will also be invited as if to visit Java in the past. You will enjoy a fascinating historical adventure just by visiting this palace. Of course, it is required for tourists wear proper clothes neatly when entering the palace as a polite manner to respect.

Interesting facts about the Yogyakarta Palace

There are so many interesting things you can meet when visiting this palace. Starting from the building architecture is having magnificent design style and its dominants of Javanese culture. You can also see directly the various objects belongs to the king’s and royal family’s collections, art performances, to the lives of royal servant.

If you visit in the certain day, you can also see various custom ceremonies or processions held in the palace such as Nyebar Udhik-udhik, Caos Dahar, Grebeg, and many more. In the complex of Yogyakarta Palace, you can also see showrooms of various ancient objects, such as antique ceramics, classic batik, gamelan, painting, and personal objects belongs to the king.

Other interesting things inside the building showing classic batik collections, there is an ancient well that is full of money on its base. If you visit the palace on Tuesday Wage, then you can also watch the Mataram style archery competition. You can enjoy this event in Kemidungan Kidul Yard (at the back of the Palace). In that day, it is always held Jemparingan competition or Mataraman style archery competition. All archers should wear traditional Javanese dress and do archery with a sitting position.

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