Jomblang Cave: An Incredible Ancient Forest inside a Cave with its beautiful Heavenly Light

Love doing an extreme activity? Visiting the jomblang cave is the right choice destination. Jomblang Cave offers extreme activities since the only way to enter this cave is only by rappelling down with only a rope! It pumps adrenaline but also enjoying a magnificent sights of ancient forest panorama in one time. Slowly but sure grow into a new magnet of tourist destinations in Yogyakarta. Not only from the extreme lovers hunted to come to this cave, but also many researchers do not want to lose this opportunity to visit this place.

In addition there are so many extreme sensations you can taste by visiting this cave, the visitors will also be served by an scarcely ancient scenery, as plants and trees are millions years old living under the ground. Another interesting thing, the visitors will also be served by an unusual beautiful sight of heavenly light. The light from this heaven actually comes from sunlight that infiltrates the surface of the cave through the mouth of a vertical cave entrance.

Ancient Forest inside the Cave

Goa Jomblang is a conservation place of ancient plants which then developed into a tourist destination. The existence of ancient forest at the base of the cave is one of the tourism attraction of this cave beside other extraordinary natural panorama can be enjoyed at the base of the cave. Different with other caves, jomblang cave has shaped vertical with its collapse doline type.

Initially, the cave is resulted by the geological process of land subsidence with its vegetation on it drawn into the base of ground for thousands years ago. This ruins form a sinkhole or a deep well known in the Javanese term as Luweng. That’s what makes the cave unique because in the cave there is an entrance wide cave mouth about 50 meters. It is often called by Luweng Jomblang (Javanese term).

With this unusual shape, it takes special skills to rappelling down by a rope in order to reach the bottom of the cave. Nevertheless, of course it is still possible for beginner reppeling doer or first experience has never played the rope to enter the cave for enjoying inside of. Thus, you do not have to worry about not enjoying the beauty of the ancient forest at the bottom of the cave.

To enter the cave jomblang there are several paths that can be taken by someone who is expert in using ropes, and also for still very beginner. For the very beginners, they will be given a short training how to rappelling down the cave safely. Moreover, they will also be accompanied by a professional guide. Thus, although very beginner, or first time rappelling, you do not have to worry and do ready to get adrenaline pumped.

For this beginner path, it has 15 meters depth and can be passed by walking even though it is a very steep track. The other path is the Route  C with a depth of 40 meters, Route  B with a depth of 60 meters and Route  A or main path with a depth of 80 meters.

The sensation of hanging over the cave will give you a very sensational extreme experience. You will get the directly sight by the side of the mouth of ancient cave rocks along the cave entrance, and on the bottom of the cave you will also be directly enjoy the scenery of ancient forest. If you curiously want to see exotism panorama of ancient forest, then you can directly go to this cave in the village of Pacarejo, District Semanu, Gunungkidul regency of Yogyakarta. You can directly contact us. We will be pleased to accompany you in this extraordinary trip.

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