Historical Tour of Solo Palace

Solo Palace or Surakarta Hadiningrat Royal Palace is one of the Palaces whose its existence is still reserved until nowadays. Visiting Solo Palace is as well as visiting Indonesia in the past, mainly in the region of Central Java. You can see all of them as if you are is the part of Ancient Javanese Era.

Solo Palace is actually the official palace of Kasunanan Surakarta (Surakarta Kingdom) located in Surakarta, Central Java. This palace was founded by Susuhunan Pakubuwono II in 1744 to replace the previous Surakarta Palace which was ravaged by Geger Pecinan incidents in 1743. In 1945, the Kasunanan Surakarta officially became part of the republic of Indonesia. Nevertheless, the palace complex is also still functioned as a residence of Sri Sunan (the King of Solo) and its palace households. Until now, the kingdom family still runs their royal tradition as well as in the Ancient Java Glorious era.

Not surprisingly if you are visiting the palace complex, then you will actually be brought into central java royal kingdom circumstance. A part of the palace complex is a museum keeping various collections of Kasunanan, including gifts from European kings, replicas of palace heirlooms, and gamelan (the Javanese music instruments).

For its building, this palace is an example of the best traditional Javanese palace architecture. Prince Mangkubumi is the architect of the palace, a relative of Susuhunan (king of Solo) who later rebelled and succeeded in establishing the Sultanate of Yogyakarta by the title of Sultan Hamengku Buwana I. Therefore, it can be drawn a conclusion that there are a lot of similarities between Solo Palace and Yogyakarta Palace in architecture matters.

Surakarta Palace located in the Solo downtown, Baluwarti Village, Pasar Kliwon Subdistrict, Surakarta City. The construction was built from 1743 to 1745. Construction of the palace building using teak wood material obtained from Alas Kethu near of Wonogiri City.

Currently, Surakarta Palace is one of the main tourist attractions in Solo or Surakarta. Every tourist who visits this palace must obey the various rules of the palace, namely not wearing hats, sunglasses, sandal, shorts and jackets. All these regulations have been preserved for generations to this recent.

In addition to keep its respect manner, this will certainly provide a more memorable experience to the visitors. They will actually be brought into an experience doing various Palace traditions. Moreover, some of these rules is one of the doors to explore the depths of traditions and treasures of Solo Palace’s culture.

If you already overdo already wearing shorts, you also do not have to worry because you can also borrow an additional batik cloth to cover your lower body during walking arround visiting surrounding area of the palace. Thus, there is nothing to worry about visiting a Solo Palace attraction. Are you interested to visit this Incredible Javanese Royal Palace? You can directly contact us. We will serve with our heart.

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