Merapi lava tour or Merapi Kaliurang is one of the most hit tourist destinations this recently. Behind its dangerous extreme area, Merapi Kaliurang keeps a lot of nature’s beauty and history it is so fascinating. Make sense then, if many people are attracted to visit this place. In fact, it is recorded in the history that since the colonial period, this place has become a tourist destination and the place for Dutch ladies spend their leisure time.

Merapi Lava Tour

Apart from its various beautiful landscape sceneries around Merapi Kaliurang, currently, the area of Mount Merapi is known quite dangerous because it is one of the most active volcanos in Indonesia. Contrast, it becomes a new tourist attraction mostly hunted by visitors, domestic and also foreign. It is a place for tourists to see eruption of Mount Merapi closer and the remnants of eruptions left by doing Merapi Kaliurang lava tour.

Merapi lava tour is indeed can be categorized quite new, but It directly attract the attention of tourists in the country and abroad.

Travel Route

The travel route in Merapi lava tour focuses on locations affected by Merapi eruption. Along the way, you will be presented views of volcanic rocks former eruption, mass burial of Merapi eruption victims. You will also be taken to one of the former residential areas affected by hot clouds of Merapi Eruption.

Along the trip, you will also be invited to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Merapi. The next lava tour is to Kali Kuning and Kali gendol as rivers of the hot and cold lava route flowing from the eruption of Mount Merapi. Another lava tour destination is Kaliurang Village, Museum of “Sisa Hartaku” (meaning the last treasures), Kali Adem and also view Merapi landscape that is no longer as green as before, getting dried as a dessert.

To enjoy the lava tour, you can choose the transportation you like most, such as jeep, dirt bike, or mountain bike to get more integrated with nature and easier to tracking the route. In addition to lava tour, there are still a lot of other tourist attractions you can visit around Merapi Kaliurang, such as; Merapi Volcano Museum, Wisma Doa Emalta, Turgo Plawangan Tourist Park, Mountain Viewing Post, Tlogo Putri, Jepang Cave, Glagaharjo, and Tlogomuncar Waterfall.

That is all tourism spots you can visit at once because the place located near to each other in the area of Merapi Kaliurang. Are you interested to visit this adventurous tourism destination, you can directly contact us. We are always exciting to accompany your trip.

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