Parangtritis beach is one of the beaches whose existence cannot be separated with Special Region of Yogyakarta. Beach with an amazing sunset view is part of the embodiment of Trimurti unity of Special Region of Yogyakarta.
Parangtritis beach is as the embodiment of water element, Merapi Mount as a volcano element and the palace of Yogyakarta as a balancing element. Therefore, the existence of Parangtritis beach is not only its special beach, but also special history as well as position in Special Region of Yogyakarta. It is unfortunate for visiting the Special Region of Yogyakarta, but you do not have time to visit this kind of beach.

History of Parangtritis Name

There are many historical and mythical stories that have developed behind this name of beach, Parangtritis. It’s very special presence in Jogjakarta keeps so many interesting stories to know further. Based on the story of the local community, in ancient times, there was someone named Dipokusomo who escaped from the Majapahit kingdom chasing.
As the young man was doing a meditation on this beach, he accidentally witnessed from the crevices of a rock. A rock was dropping a huge number of water drops. In Javanese, rock on the beach is also called ‘Paran”, while water droplets is called as “Tumantitis”, from here then the name Parangtritis was created, and became one of the beach’s names whose existence cannot be separated with Yogyakarta. Therefore, based on the story, name Parangtritis means “water was being dropped from the rock”.


The beach as one of Trimurti embodiment of this special region of Yogyakarta has also privileged by the myths developed in the local community. It was mentioned that this beach was a gateway to the southern sea of Roro Kidul’s authority. Therefore, beach visitors are strongly forbidden not to use any green cloth when standing on this beach.
Green color is Roro Kidul’s favorite color. It was said that anyone who wearing green color on the beach, she/ he will be swept away into the sea, and disappeared. The myth about the existence of Roro Kidul is still existed and preserved until now and become one of local heritage wisdoms.
Gumuk Pasir (Parangtritis Sand Dunes) and other attractive spots
As one of the most famous and legendary tourist attraction in Yogjakarta, Parangtritis beach has quite extraordinary spot, Gumuk Pasir. Gumuk Pasir is sand grains mounted into small hills surround the coast, or Sand Dunes. It is also well known as the only desert in Southeast Asia.
This beach not only has a charming Beach land stretch. But also on the north and east side of the beach, you can also find a small hill. It offers very beautiful scenery seeing on the top of it, especially in the afternoon. Fresh gusts of coastal wind will let you enjoy not only its beauty not only physically but also metaphysically because of the strength of the myth that surrounds this beach.
This stunning beauty beach located in the village of Parangtritis, Kretek District, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta. This beach located about 25 km south of Yogyakarta city. If you are interested to visit this wonderful beach, please contact us. We will be glad to accompany your trip.


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