Prambanan Temple, the Most Beautiful Hindu Temples in the World

Prambanan Temple or known as Roro Jongrang Temple is the largest Hindu temple complex in Indonesia. The temple is one of the masterpieces of ancient Javanese Hindus, which was built magnificently in the 9th century AD range, in the reign of two kings, Rakai Pikatan and Rakai Balitung.
The temples complex is located in the sub-district of Prambanan, Sleman and Prambanan sub-district, Klaten. Administratively, the location of the temple can be quite categorized. Prambanan Temple located in the administrative area of Bokoharjo Village, Prambanan, Sleman, while the entrance of the Prambanan Temple complex located in the administrative area of Tlogo Village, Prambanan, Klaten.


The Most Beautiful Temple in the World

Prambanan Temple is one of the largest Hindu temples in Indonesia, and the most beautiful Temple in the world dedicated to Trimurti, the three major Hindu gods of Brahma as the god creator, Vishnu as the god of the rearing, and Shiva as the god of destruction.
Referring to Siwagrha inscription, the original name of this temple complex is Siwagrha (Sanskrit meaning as ‘House of Shiva’). It can be seen in Garbagriha (main room) of this temple has a three meters statue of Shiva Mahadewa indicating that in the main part of this complex is Shiva god area.
The name of prambanan itself according to some sources is taken from the name of the village where this temple was built. While others assume that prambanan is an impact of Javanese society’s dialect in incorrectly saying “The Brahman”. However, “Roro Jonggrang” name is as actually famous known as a legend of one of the temples complex.
The folklore told that there was a young magical powerful prince, named Bandung Bondowoso, who loved a beautiful princess, named Roro Jonggrang. It is said that Roro Jonggrang did not want to marry Bandung Bondowoso, because he had killed his father in a supernatural powers fight.
On the other hand, the princess also did not want to risk her people by rejecting Bandung Bondowoso marriage proposal. Then, the only way to avoid the marriage, the princess also proposed an impossible request to him. She asked him to build a thousand temples overnight. To prove his power to her, the prince immediately agreed. By deploying the jinn, he began to build the temple.
The frightened princess found that Bandung could indeed afford to build the temple. Then, she re-arranged the ploy. She burnt straws in the east, and woke the chicken caused them making noise. The jinni who heard the chickens had awakened, and the dawn began to rise, they immediately fled going away leaving Bandung alone.
Bandung was shocked to see his troops fled away. Then, he realized what has been done by Roro Jonggrang. He went to the princess and cursed him into a statue to complete the last temple. Since then, the temple built by the price and his jinn forces was also known as Roro Jonggrang temple standing glorious in Prambanan Village.
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