Sukuh Temple, the Most Unique Temple in Java

Sukuh Temple is one of the temples located on the slopes of Lawu Mountain. This temple is a historical Hindus’ heritage of the last Majapahit Kingdom Reign. Compared to the big temples in other Javanese lands, this temple can be categorized as having its own uniqueness, both from the shape and architecture of the building. Some experts argue that this temple seemed to be built in a hurry. Other experts also argue that when the temple was built, a Majapahit political condition was in chaotic situation that made it impossible to build a large temple.
Various assumptions occurred because the shape of the Sukuh Temple is very different from other Hindu temples, such as Prambanan and Cetho Temple. Some researchers also mentioned that this temple was built not by skilled builders, but only by ordinary carpenters.

Beautiful of its Simplicity

Sukuh Temple is quite a simple temple ever existed both in terms of shape and architecture. However, it becomes a special attraction for researchers to explore the existence of the temple. It makes sense why they are so excited to do have further researches on it. It has significant differences than any other temples in Java. Sukuh Temple has trapezoidal triangle form tends to similar to pyramids in Egypt, the site of the Mayan relics in Mexico, or the Incas in Peru.
This fact made many researchers become eagerly to dig more the historical information in order to track it down. One of the archaeologists who are very curious about the existence of this temple is W.F. Stutterheim, a renowned archaeologist from the Netherlands. He made a study on the existence of this temple in 1930s.
W.F. Stutterheim, is one of the archaeologists who assumed that Sukuh Temple was built in the last of Majapahit Reign, and was built only by carpenters rather than a stone builder expert. Based on this assumption, thus, he concluded that it makes sense why the temple has a simple shape.
Another uniqueness is when you visit this temple, then you will find some form of stones that resembles explicitly as human genitals. It is said as a uniqueness because they are rarely found in other large temples in Java.
Various uniqueness blended by the simplicity of this Sukuh Temple is the attraction of the temple. If you want to visit this unique temple, does not delay anymore, please contact us to accompany your trip with our best services.

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