Cetho Temple is a Hindu temple, historical heritage of Majapahit kingdom. Based on the research conducted by archaeologists, it is assumed that this temple was built around 1451-1470, or during the Majapahit reign of King Brawijaya V. It is said that this temple was built as Ruwatan (Javanese phrase means as an effort to prevent from bad luck) because at that time, Majapahit Kingdom often had many riots and problems.

It is the reason why the kingdom built this temple as one of the preventive believed way to against various disasters and problems experienced. Cetho Temple was built in Cetho Village, Gumeng Village, Jenawi Sub-District, Karanganyar District, Central Java Province. This temple located on the slopes of Lawu Mountain with the position of 1497 masl. Cetho temple is at GPS coordinate point: 7 ° 35 ‘30.22 “S, + 111 ° 9’ 19.87” E.

The Beauty of Exoticism Mountain Temple
Visiting Cetho Temple is much more exciting than you expected. Along the road to this Hindu temple, you will enjoy a lot of beautiful exotic sceneries. You will pass the local tea plantations. Yu will get a whole picture exotic landscape as you get closer to the Cetho temple area.

Before you decide to visit this Majapahit kingdom temple, it’s good to really ensure condition of vehicle transportation you want to use firstly. That’s because you’re going through a fairly steep land. However, if your vehicle is in top condition, then you will find the landscape laid out in such an exotic way along the road.

Your eyes will be excited to enjoy various natural beauties along the road. The uphill and winding road will pump your adrenaline because of its driving sensation, the more higher you reach the more you can feel the rush of adrenaline. You can also enjoy the mystical nuances stronger surrounding the Cetho temple area.

This Majapahit kingdom temple is still used as Hindu’s pilgrimage and worship place. Do not be shocked when you want to enter this area then the staff will give a piece of traditional fabric wore by Hindus to do worship. A piece of cloth with square motifs seemed to blend with the existence of the temple as a place for Hindus to do worship until this day.
Then, you can feel the mystical nuance becomes as inherent as the exotic nuances surrounding. The fact, this temple stands firmly on the top of Lawu Mountain slope where you can not only enjoy the beauty of the temple but also the beauty of Lawu Mountain scenery from above.

If you are interested to visit, you can contact us anytime. It is our honor to accompany your trip with the best services.

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Candi Cetho Karanganyar : Mistis Dan Romantisme Di Lereng Gunung Lawu

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